Rap Beats for Sale - Instrumentals and Backing Tracks

If you are seeking rap beats for sale, then you have come to the right place. Producers, rappers and artists alike have come to know Beats for Days as their solid, consistent marketplace for beats and instrumentals. Our beats are produced with the most high end mix in mind, as our producers spend hours perfecting each download for you, the end user.

Music tracks, songs, rhythms and pop music productions require a solid backup beat, which is what we strive to provide. When in the studio producing a new song, the artist may find themselves asking, where is the inspiration, the liveliness of the sound to bring out the best performance? This is invariably because the instrumental backup track may not have been mixed and produced with the proper sparkle. Our creative engineers work hard to put the sparkle in every track - just listen, it's evident from the music itself! It's hard not to tap your feet once that beat drops.

When producing our beats we look at a lot of different music genres -- and they all require a slightly different approach to the sound. For example, in a dirty south rap beat we're often looking for the low down bass feel that almost literally vibrates the floor. This is the kind of beat that you hear driving down the street playing out of a car stereo with the low end almost blowing up the speakers and vibrating everything around it as it moves on down the road. This takes a particular kind of sound design to result in the timbre associated with the dirty south bass.

On the other hand we also work with funk music and RnB style beats. Funk beats usually require a kick drum that is a little more punchy, a bit more thump and less low end vibration. That's just because Funk Music is a whole different style and sound than the various types of hip hop - funk comes out of the seventies and as such, is more of a "bump city" kind of style as opposed to the lowdown dirty south rap beat.



RnB beats can be a combination of either rap style sound design or punchy funk beats, with a soul music flair and plenty of lushness of sound. We often describe our RnB beats as being of a "quiet storm" sound. You might find that funky rhythmic bass drum and a deep, soulful string section or fender rhodes piano. Or you might hear it filled out with lots of spacy synthesizers - it really depends on the song or beat itself.

Rock beats can be a lot of fun because they are hard driving rhythms that usually have a fairly dry drum set and electric guitar sounds throughout as well as an electric bass. Believe it or not, rock beats can be used for rap music - if you don't believe me, just check out the "Walk This Way" collaboration between Run DMC and Aerosmith!

If you want to do gangsta rap, that's ok -- it's a lot like dirty south (in fact it might be dirty south) -- the whole thing with gangsta rap is just that you gotta be kinda psycho to be rappin about killin people and so on 🙂 but whatever turns you on. We like Rick Ross and he's a great example of gangsta rap, so we listen to a lot of his tracks, among others, for our inspirations. Gansta rap is ok with us.

California type rap beats for sale are very cool too -- like freestyle or just regular rap music. There are a lot of rhythms for hip hop music and all kinds of ways to approach it - we believe that, while the traditional sounds of beats are all very cool, what can be even more interesting is to apply vocal rap style on top of beats and music tracks of an entirely different style that you might not even have expected there to be rap music with. In this way you can break out of the mold of the so-called "typical" rapper and break new ground with new sounds and new approaches to music production and songwriting.

Our producers come from a long history of making funk, RnB, Soul, hip hop and rap beats for sale, from their long history working the studios of Detroit Michigan, in the heart of Motown. All our engineers, sound designers and beat constructors carry a tradition of making the best music, the best beats for rap music, the best tracks for RnB songs and funk music. To put it bluntly, "we got soul." It's evident - just listen to our tracks!

So if you are searching for rap beats for sale, this should be your last stop - stick around Beats for Days for a while, and enjoy the tracks, and take advantage of our amazingly low priced quality music tracks for your home studio or professional song productions. You'll be glad you did!

Funkmeister H. (Beats for Days Chief Producer)